About us

With the global increase of automobile usage, emission pollution is increasingly prominent, reducing vehicle emissions, improving the environment, is a consensus of world automotive industry.

Our company invested 2 million dollars to set up new factory in Zhejiang, China in 2009. With modern production line from South Korea and advanced technology from Valeo, our company has successfully developed EGR cooler, oil cooler for both OEM and after sale market.

Our goal:
We hope that through our joint efforts, we could improve vehicle fuel combustion efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions, so as to create a better environment for future generations.

Corporate Culture:
"Serve the customer sincerely" is the core of our corporate culture. We were born to solve customers’ problems. When doing business with us, we never let customers to worry about technology, service, quality and delivery. Through our services, customers could feel the genuineness of convenience and enjoy the benefits.

Business philosophy:
"Creating value for customers" is our business philosophy. Through technological innovation, strengthen management, improve supply chain, we can provide customers with quality products, thus creating greater value for customers.